Flexible Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow for People Who Exercise A Lot

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By now everyone has heard of these lucrative intensive driving courses Glasgow that allow you to pass your driving test in the short space of just one week. Many people assume this to be a complete myth as with many other physical and technical skills, practice makes perfect and surely one week is not enough time for an absolute beginner to master driving and receive their licence. On the contrary, All Pass Driving is one of the leading driving schools in Scotland offering a full range of driving lesson options, including a variety of intensive driving courses Glasgow.

All Pass Driving

All Pass Driving, more commonly known as APD, is a prestigious school providing driving tuition in the form of both intensive driving courses and weekly lessons. This large, successful business operate in all the major cities in the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London. All the instructors are local to their area of operation and full qualified DVSA ADI’s aka green badge holders. What makes APD stand out from the masses of driving school throughout the nation is their catering to all abilities, from absolute beginners to almost test standard.

Man driving a large car in America after passing on of the intensive driving courses Glasgow

Benefits of Choosing All Pass Driving for Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

If you book an intensive driving course with APD they will book and pay for your practical driving test. This is largely beneficial to those who perhaps struggle with the cost of an intensive course as everything must be paid up front. Plus APD do not employ Trainee driving instructors, more commonly known as pink badge holders, meaning you are guaranteed to be taught off an instructor who is fully qualified and has plenty of experience. On top of that, every student at APD is provided with free training materials, including a series of 20+ professionally made driving training videos that will help with the theoretical side of learning to drive.

APD Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

Naturally, different people will learn at different paces therefore there is no one size fits all intensive driving course. Plus there is always the variable that some people may be starting from scratch with no previous experience driving a motor vehicle while on the other hand there is someone who has taken weekly lessons previously but never got round to taking their test. There are many different circumstances under which a person decides to choose a concentrated driving course. Thankfully APD offers a rich choice of intensive driving courses Glasgow to suit a broad range of people.

Corner of a UK driver's licence, owned by a man who previously sat and passed one of the intensive driving courses Glasgow

Intensive Driving Courses Available at APD

  • 7 Hour “MAGIC 7” Block of Driving Lessons
  • 10 Hour Driving Course
  • 15 Hour Intensive Driving Course
  • 20 Hour Mini Intensive Driving Course
  • 25 Hour Intensive Driving Course
  • 30 Hour Intensive Driving Course
  • 30 Hour Semi Intensive Driving Course
  • 35 Hour Intensive Plus Driving Course
  • 40 Hour Super Intensive Driving Course
  • 45 Hour Super Intensive “PLUS” Driving Course
  • 50 Hour “MEGA” Intensive Driving Course