Let’s Talk About TAG Heuer Service To Sports

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Some would say that TAG Heuer and sports go hand in hand. This watch brand has worked with sports personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova over the years promoting sports in both male and female catgeories, after all, the brand are known for breaking boundaries.

A TAG Heuer watch is the type of watch you can wear on your wrist all day and all night, making it an excellent investment. Postal repair companies have seen a rise in TAG Heuer watch repairs due to the popularity of the brand, proving that sports and horology really do work together. It is not just the celebrities faces that attract customers to the brand, they create watches that are made with real power, perfect for any sports woman or man.

TAG Heuer Servicing Sports Stars

With time comes knowlege as TAG Heuer is have been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry since its creation back in 1860. The brand was started by the young man, Edouard Heuer, at just 20 years old, hence how the brand got their name.

The TAG Heuer Carrera launched way back in 1963 and they have not stopped making it ever since. The watches the brand create are known to be reliable and robust something that you could wear for a special occaison or every day.

TAG Heuer acknowledge that they have a close to certain sports. They have taken part in huge sports events accross the world and have been involved with motor racing and marking infinitely small times for a number of years.The now provide services for  football and baseball, as well ‘extreme’ sports teams.

TAG Heuer Carrera

We mentioned the famous TAG Heuer Carrera previously as there is something about this watch that horologists just seem to love. You do not need to be  a watch expert to see the precision that goes into the creation of this watch.

The 2017 version of this sports watch is all black, fully matt and made with ceramic, those who are lucky enough to have purchased the watch have given it a five star review saying that you can feel the difference between it and other models almost immediatley.

It is the perfect watch for a sports man or woman as it has h a light, soft feel. TAG say that the newest Carrera is as “sporty and modern as ever”.  The micro blasted ceramic finishing gives it deep distinctive colour.

TAG Watch Repair Details

If you are thinking about buying a TAG Heuer watch for sports puposes, remember that is should be well maintained. The best way to keep your TAG Heuer watch in working order is to service it according to brand guidelines. You should only trust professional TAG Heuer watch repair experts with this.  It’s recommended that their watches are serviced every two years and are tested for water resistance ever year.

Repairs By Post advise that you keep you TAG “away from extreme temperatures, a sharp change in temperature can cause condensation underneath the crystal”. There is more information about this on their website.