Running Outdoors: Top Tips For Beginners

running tips

Have you started off 2017 with a new running regime? Motivating yourself to run is a great step and is a wonderful way to improve your overall wellbeing.

If you are looking for some beginners tips to help you on your journey, likes jump into our runner’s guide, written by our experts here at Discover Outdoor Fitness.

Start with Shorter Distances

We all have to start somewhere and whether you can manage half a mile, a quarter of a mile or just a few hundred feet, you will make progress each and every time. Your body will begin to adapt and by adding just a little more distance to your run, each time you run – you will hit that 5K mark in no time at all.

Remember, rushing into long distances could put you at risk injury and over time you will burn out and lose interest in your regime.

Invest in Running Shoes

A runner must invest in good shoes, that will help them with their new fitness plan. Running shoes do not have to be expensive but over time you will begin to understand why quality shoes are a necessity.

Some experts look at how you run on a treadmill and will choose a shoe for you that will suit where you’re running from. Choose comfort over style, the faster you run, the fewer people will see your choice of shoe.

running beginners

Balance Your Routine

Many runners get it wrong at the start and think that they need to get out for a run, every day of the week. Make sure that you are NOT doing this. Professional athletes recommend that you run three to four days a week, giving yourself well-deserved rest days in between.

The fact is, that if you run every single day then you are not giving your body the time it needs to make a recovery. Your body actually strengthens your muscles on your non-running days, so make sure you are not missing your rest days out.


H2O! Yes, make sure you are drinking lots of water. Hydration is the key to a successful running regime. Most of us enjoy running and outdoor fitness  the most during the summer and in the hot weather. This type of climate can dehydrate you, therefore, it is important that you are keeping a water bottle by your side during your run.

Drinking regularly is extremely important and you should try to include it in your diet throughout the week, even if you are not running on that day.


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Set Your Own Goals

Only you know what you are capable of, so do not compare yourself to other runners who have been exercising for years.

There may be faster runners in the park, but that does not mean you have to chase after them. It may seem hard but try to set your own goals. Keep them realistic and you will not run the risk of injury.


Booking yourself into a 5K or 10K charity race is a great way to start and it’s a goal you can set for yourself – you may even raise some money for a god cause while you are at it!