The Ultimate Showdown: Outdoor Fitness Vs Indoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness

First things first. Let’s get the formalities out of the way. Exercising and keeping healthy is a great habit no matter where you ply your trade. Indoor or out, fitness is beneficial in a hundred ways that we’re sure you already know. That’s not what we are here to talk about. The age-old debate of which is better, exercising indoors or outdoors? The truth is it is subjective and ultimately comes down to individual preference. There are however a few key battles that we look at to find out who should rightly be crowned the champion of the fitness world and last man standing.


Money Matters

The truth of the matter is that money matters, even in the fitness world. Adding up the cost of your diet, workout equipment and fitness supplements can be a daunting task. Right out the gate we have a vast difference when it comes to money spent, with one triumphing over the other. Indoor fitness whether it’s the gym or classes, exercising indoors often comes at a cost. Gym membership fees, booking a hall, paying for a class, the cost of exercising indoors can become substantial over a period time. On the other hand, outdoor is usually cost effective. Going for a walk, run or a sporting activity outdoors doesn’t usually cost anything and therefore is a winner, in the eyes of your bank balance anyway.

Money in Fitness


Whether the Weather Will Play Ball

If you are fortunate enough to live in a warm, sunny climate then congratulations, us that do not have the pleasure are eternally envious. Working out in the warm weather is something that we would all love, but not all of us have the pleasure of the sun gracing our cheeks for 300+ days of the year. Indoor fitness takes weather out of the equation meaning that if you don’t quite feel up to braving the snowy, wet and wild weather outside, you have the option of working out indoors. When it comes to weather, indoors wins hands down by a landslide and is therefore ties up the scores to a draw.

Weather in Fitness


They’ll Never Take Our Freedom

Braveheart might have been on to something here. Freedom is a big part of working out with both sides of the argument holding merit. Cycling through the busy city centre might not appeal to most but on the flipside, waiting on a machine in the gym for 30 minutes can have its frustrations as well. Working out with others as part of a class might be for you whereas others will choose the outdoor lifestyle of running through the mountains without a sole within miles. Rarely do you get the gym to yourself which is the ultimate downfall for indoor fitness. In busy months the gym can become crowded by first timers which can cause frustration for even the most patient gym rat. A close fought battle which could ultimately rage on for years to come. Our winner is outdoor fitness by a head. The money and freedom add up to our eventual winner and therefore champion of the fitness world.

Exercising Outdoors