Nail Your Fitness Goals in 2020


So, another year is upon us, cue endless statements of new year, new me and all that jazz.  But it is also the start of an exciting new decade, and many people see it as a fresh chance to get themselves in shape and achieve their fitness goals.

Too many people start with the right intentions when it comes to their new year fitness plans, but so many of these people will not stick it out to the end and eventually give up.

We want to offer a new perspective for nailing your fitness goals and achieving what you initially set out to do.  Here is our consolidated advice for everyone that wants to stick at it long term.

Find Something You Genuinely Enjoy

We start with this as it is perhaps the most important one.  We have found that people who have certain activities that they really enjoy will almost always stick at it longer than something that they don’t particularly like.  Find something you love and keep it fun while giving it your best effort.

Take Your Time

Too many people come in firing on all cylinders and go too hard in their first few weeks or months.  They generally burn themselves out and their performance drops off sharply and they end up frustrated and demotivated.  If you want to stick at your fitness plan, you have to incorporate it into your lifestyle and adopt it as a long term practise rather than a quick fix. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Nowadays Instagram and Facebook has convinced everyone that they have to be like the fitness pages that the see all over social media, but this creates unrealistic expectations for people.  These will be harder to achieve and will lead to a higher drop out rate that if those people had set realistic expectations of themselves and what they can achieve.  Sure you want to aim high, but if you aim too high and never achieve you small goals along the way, it will decrease your motivation greatly.